Connecting NMI

How to connect NMI payment gateway


  1.  Enter your username + password, we recommend you create a dedicated admin account for API access, so a user doesn't reset the password and break your connection
  2. If you have a fraud rule that requires billing address, select the "Require address (AVS)" checkbox so that address will be required on checkout
  3. Save, two additional fields will be displayed "Webhook URL" and "Webhook Signing Key"

Enabling Webhooks

To ensure the correct operation of the NMI integration you need to setup "webhooks" which is a way for NMI to notify us of updates.

  1. On NMI navigate to Settings -> Webhooks
  2. Add a new webhook to the URL shown, select "All" available Events
  3. You will be shown a "Signing Key", return to enter this value in the "Webhook Signing Key" and save
  4. We will test the webhook, this will take about 2 minutes, and will display either:
  •  UNVERIFIED : We've not received anything, double check your NMI setup
  •  UNSIGNED : We've received a webhook but the signing key was missing or incorrect
  •  VERIFIED : Its set up correctly! 

👆 You’re all caught up