What’s included in the Paid Plans?

What’s included in the Paid Plans?

With the paid plans you’ll save your company hours of time each month and you’ll look like a professional outfit to your customers. Our paid plans are aimed at business customers and we offer email support to all our paying subscribers. Plans start from $16 per month.


Remove our branding

We remove our branding from the outer part of the payment page that you send to your customers when they want to pay an invoice.

Add your own logo

You can add your own logo to the payments popup, which helps build trust with your customers and increase the sales conversion.

Custom URLs

Paid plan subscribers can define their own payment URL, that means your customers will continue to trust the experience that you offer them when they are paying your invoices. Payment URLs are constructed as follows: https://[your_text].withbolt.com/invoice23423

Support is on hand

Just in case you need something, we’re here to help via our email support, only available for paying customers.

Free vs Paid

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