Take a partial payment on an invoice

Invoice part payment

Your customers can now pay any amount against an invoice, this is useful if you have agreed an initial payment for an invoice or they need to perform two payments due to the spending limits imposed upon them by their card issuer because the invoice is of a high value. We do not send reminders for further payments, you will need to do this.

You need to turn on partial payments, here’s how you do it:

  • Login - https://shuttleglobal.com/apps

  • Choose your integration e.g. QuickBooks

  • The next screen will display the part payments checkbox

  • Check and Save

Here’s how your customers make a partial payment

On the first screen they will need to enter the Invoice number and TOTAL invoice amount (this is how we match the invoice and allow for future payments of any amount against the invoice)

On the following payment popup, this is where the partial payment is made, any amount can then be typed into the box and paid.

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