Connecting GoCardless

How to connect GoCardless


  1. Click on Connect GoCardless.

  2. You’ll be redirected to the GoCardless site.

  3. Enter your GoCardless details.

  4. Click Connect Account and your GoCardless account will be connected.

Extra Settings:


Configure your GoCardless plan and if you want to enable refunds. Please note, “Refunds” are only available on GoCardless by request. You will need to first request this feature from GoCardless before enabling this feature.

Setting up a mandate and taking a payment

  1. Follow the ‘Pay’ link and you’ll be directed to the GoCardless setup Direct Debit page, click Setup Direct Debit.

2. Confirm your details on the following screen.

3. You’ll be redirected to process the payment – click Next.

4. Click Process Payment on the following screen.

5. On the final screen you will be given confirmation the payment has been successfully submitted. The customer will be notified by GoCardless updates to the status of their payment. Click Done.


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