Connecting Adyen

How to connect Adyen


To connect Adyen, please follow the steps below you will need:

  • Your Merchant Account ID

  • An API key

  • Your domain prefix

  1. Log in to your Adyen account

  2. Go to Accounts > Users

You need to have a Web Service user on your account, you will also need the correct permissions for Web Payments (API PCI Payments role) and another for POS payments (depending on your needs), this will allow you to pass card details via the Adyen API. If you don’t have the user or permissions setup you will need to contact Adyen and get them to add it.

3. Generate an API key, copy this to a text file or straight into our Setup

4.  Grab your Merchant ID, copy this to a text file or straight into our Setup

5.  You will also need to know your domain prefix, this can be found by going to Account > API URLs.

On the API URLs and Response page, you can see the configured endpoints for your company account.

TIP! If you're having an issue connect your account, please make sure Adyen have enabled "API PCI Payments role" on your account. When requesting this role, say you are using an integration by Shuttle Global.

Extra settings:

If you want to save card details you will need to ask Adyen to enable synchronous tokenisation on your account.

Payment Methods

You can set up other payment methods like ACH that you might have enabled on your account.

Interaction Type

Please choose eCommerce/MOTO
If you are using MOTO as well as eCommerce please check this box so that transactions get passed correctly.

Address Verification Setting

For AVS you will need to ensure that you have this configured in your portal.

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